Saturday, June 4, 2011

Luke Hotel

June 4th - June 6th Nairobi
Pictures for this posting are pictures 20 through 23.

After all the DANSO activities we traveled to our new hotel, the Luke Hotel.  The Luke is a wonderful place to stay.  The water in the shower works, the wood working is all hand done and everything is wood work.  Our door had an Owl carved into it, there were Maasai statues in the Lobby, our beds were handcarved wood, everything was quite beautiful. Here is a picture of our room at the Luke, note the wooden beds (the mosquito net frame wasn't carved into anything special, but the desks and chairs were carved.

Even the parking lot lamp posts were carved out of wood, albeit some of them were a little odd or creepy.  But one can always make creepy into humorous with some well placed smiles.  :-)

The Luke is also where we saw the biggest bird I have laid eyes on.  A Stork.  Which I must admit, I figured it was a condor but Kenyans said they were storks.  We got better pictures of them in Kakamega when we were there, but these birds are literally 4ft tall minimum.  We didn't get a picture of them hanging out with smaller crow-sized birds, but those crow-sized birds barely came up to the Stork's knee.  Crazy!
EDIT: Added additional picture of Lamp Post wood carvings.

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